What are the emirates silver benefits for customers?

emirates silver benefits

The Emirates airline has launched a customer loyalty program in collaboration with Fly Dubai called Emirates Skyward Partners. Passengers who enroll in this program will earn incentives skyward miles that can be used as a digital currency. There are four tiers of membership, in this post, I would explain emirates silver benefits;

Tiers of skyward partnership 

  • Blue
  • Silver
  • gold
  • Platinum

How to achieve emirates silver?

The customer earning 25,000 miles skywards through flights or completing 25 emirates or flyDubai flights their account will upgrade from blue to emirates silver.

Emirates silver benefits;

  1. Book online flights or upgrade your membership through skyward rewards.
  2. Access to the promotion and travel exclusive. Your membership page displays the current offer and the locations. You can grab an opportunity if you are traveling to the same country and location.
  3. Benefits of the unique discount to earn more skywards when you book hotels, flights, and tickets of the other social events via emirates partner network worldwide.
  4. You can nominate your college or partner as a travel coordinator they can buy tickets and travel packages for you.
  5. Your preferences will be considered in the next flights. When you complete your preference pages your next flight will arrange as per your wish.
  6. Emirates silver membership offers you to complimentary seat selection opportunity. If you don’t like the rear or center seat can choose a window seat or any other.
  7. You can take 12kg excess baggage than other passengers on the flight.
  8. waitlist priority than other customers.
  9. 25% more skywards miles on each flight that you make with emirates or flydubai flight.
  10. You can buy the upgrade from the emirates’ silver tier to gold.
  11. The silver member will check-in at counter 1 at Dubai International Airport terminal 3. It is the boarding priority, you no need to stay in a long queue when you check-in at the business class counter.
  12.   You will enjoy the business class lounge in Dubai although you are flying in economy class.
  13.  Can access the first-class lounge if you pay extra.
  14. Onboard you can get the discounted WiFi
  15.  Special member offer in your destination with emirates partner network including, hire taxi, car, tour packages, and a hotel night at a discounted price.

Benefits with flyDubai

  1. Get the 25% reward miles on each flight with flydubai.
  2. Check-in with the business class counters although flight at economic class.

My final thoughts: skywards silver literally not bad because it has offered various benefits to enjoy in the flights. Although you are not constantly taken flight for your travel you can upgrade the skyward tier from blue to silver instantly when you purchase. You can access all the emirates’ blue tier benefits along with emirates’ silver benefits.

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